Get that job – how not to suck at job interviews¬!

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I wanted to put a few thought’s together for people who are currently looking for a job, perhap’s their attending interviews, perhap’s they’ve had interviews and are awaiting feedback. Overall, I wanted to explain some of the key things people I think , do really really wrong in interviews. You should read this, really.


When your preparing for your interview. Actually ‘prepare’. Really attempt to learn about the company, just looking over the company website really isn’t enough. Go through social network sites, has the company got a Facebook page, a Linkedin feed, (did you know you can ‘follow’ companies on Linkedin?) what about a Twitter page, or other social graphs.


Ask about the company in associated Forums, see if you can find out fulls taff names, and look for them on Facebook too, see if you can build a social picture about the company, it’s culture, and how it does business. This is a great way of learning the culture before you even get through the door!


Once you’ve done all that, learn about the people who are interviewing you - most importantly though, when you meet them, don’t kiss ass! You need to strike a balance between being friendly, confident and respectful, without being arrogant or defensive.


One of the key thing’s I’ve noticed people do in 2010, as they become more aware of psychology, because of all the pop-psychology programs on TV, is they pay too much attention to body language and saying the right thing, they actually forget to listen what’s coming out of their mouths. If your asked ‘how would you deal with a faulty server and an anrgy CEO’, don’t spout a text book response about how you would promote synergy, deal with the low hanging fruit first, and do some blue-sky thinking with the IT team, actually say how you would fix the problem - step by step. Nothing turns an employer off more than a text book response with no feeling.


PASSION PASSION PASSION – actually want it. Believe in what your saying – if your not passionate about what you do, go home. One of the things I’ve noticed that are supremley different between UK and US people, are that in the US, passion is celebrated and encouraged.  In the UK, this type of passion is almost supressed and buried.  Employer’s want to meet people who live, breath and eat their interests. Like it or not, its a fact that anyone whose good at what they do, are passionate about it. If your not, don’t pretend.


In summary though, think closely about what your saying, but dont try too hard. Be honest be personable, and be interesting. Don’t be vague, ambigous or kiss ass.


Top DO’s


1) Research the company and its staff in full, imagine you work for the Mi5 and your job is to find out as much as you can

2) understand what your talking about, and understand the role. If your unsure about anything, ensure your proficient before you talk about it.

3) Dont be ambigous on your CV. Only put things on there which are relevant to you.


Top Don’ts


1) Don’t blag. Don’t be a chancer. If you can’t do the job, don’t try & pretend you can

2) Don’t be vague – people want to hear real experiences, not text book answers

3) Don’t not ask questions – this interviews about YOU, not the other way round!

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Grip my handlebars. . . . oooh baby

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Well it’s November. And I work in an office. What does that mean? It mean’s I get involved in Mo’vember, and if you don’t then you chuffin well should. Mo’vember, is about increasing the awareness, and raising money for the charity involved in dealing with Male Prostate Cancer. Throughout the course of November, I’ll be growing a nice lump of facial hair, and you can track my progress and please please donate, here;

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