Are most people stupid – really stupid?

Sunday, the 24. April 2011, 20:53 by

Crikey! That got your attention huh! So are we? I do however say ‘we’ rather generally, as I’m not sure I mean me! ‘What are you talking about Maz, what rant-train are you on today!?’


Deep breath!


I was at the gym today, a well know large chain gym I won’t mention the name of here, let’s call it ‘Fatness Flirt’ for sake of argument. So I’m there, kicking off as they have screwed my membership up for the seventh time in a month, (a new record for them hasten to add), & onlooking whilst my veins popped, and my shirt ripped Hulk-Style, was another member who got chatting with me in the changing room. ‘You need to treat everyone as stupid you know, retardation is the lowest common denominator, live by that rule, expect dissapointment, & you’ll never get fustrated’! I saw his point, but really, do we need to do that? My opinion was treat everyone with the highest assumption of intellect, with pride & understanding, and work your way down! If people then dumb down, you kind of have every right to issue a stupidity smack-down on them.


People who know me know I get very frustrated very easily when people seemingly don’t care. Service people who work in McDonalds, or Subway, or Gyms or anything whereby there job is a Mcjob whilst they do other things, and put all the effort and heart into it as a five year old being told to eat his vegatables.


I’ve always pronounced whatever I do, I’d always want to put maximum effort in. Whether that’s eating, sweeping the floor, or writing a piece of code – it just doesnt matter – have some pride!


This same conversation came up recently too at the pub, @julianbdavis claims I have a hyper-sensed view on the world & what is right & wrong, and will only end up being dissapointed. I will however continue to not only show my dissapointment when people are not doing there jobs with heart & soul, but also cast judgement on anyone who doesnt live by a strong code of ethic both professionally & personally. Is that so wrong?


So a message to all you bus drivers, tube station staff, supermarket workers, gym front of house people, expensive hotel concierge, cleaners, door staff, bar people, drivers, valet, airport staff, binmen, construction workers, shop assistants, butchers, bakers, candle stick makers, I’ve done some of these jobs, do it with heart, do it with pride, and do it like its your own business and every customer is your last.


I’m stepping away from the soapbox now.


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Getting the job done….right!

Tuesday, the 5. April 2011, 07:29 by

I’ve been in business now as both an owner, and working on behalf of others for about a decade. During that time, I’ve learnt a great deal – especially from the mistakes. It takes a lot of time to be able to have the confidence to not only lead from the front  along with asking the difficult questions.

When I’ve sat in various tender/pitch meetings from all manner of providers, wanting to give me the ‘very BEST’ of whatever it is that I’m looking for at the time, they are always suprised when I want to back up there pitch with tangible numbers, evidence, testing, …yep, I said it, that pain in the bottom process of testing!

I’ve found companies use the smoke and mirrors that technology obscurity can provide, to mask the their products actual ability to deliver.  I mean hey’ if the client never brings up real world testing, or wants to see actual results as opposed to theoretical, thats their fault right!?

I like to see these questions being asked of service providers, and the businesses that want to consume them;


Why are we using this product?


Have we tested this product to ensure it meets our demand now, and in twelve months?


If we have answered yes to the above question – where’s the evidence?


If we have no evidence, whose responsible, and whose signing the purchasing off?


Has the service provider offerered real world testing?


Why are we using this product again!?


Do we trust the provider!?


There I said it, ‘trust’. It’s all about trust, and if one cannot have confidence in the provider, or the relationship, or a heady & complex combination of both, perhaps the solution needed will never be met.

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