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WWDC 2011 in San Francisco

Monday, the 6. June 2011, 22:17 by

Well it’s that time of year again for the Lord Jesus Christ, sorry, I mean Steve Jobs to unveil everything that’s happening in the land of the half scoffed fruit. Did you attend?


Akin to something like a Thin Lizzy concert, people whooped & cheered with joy & rapture as Jobsian himself waxed lyrical about new feature after new feature, whilst even having time to make fun of himself & Apple (MobileMe failure) but speaking of Thin, I have to say, Steve looks more ill with each keynote that goes by. It does worry me, but I digress….

The Bits…Lion

So up were Lion, IOS5 & ICloud, which were the main features of the discussion. First up was Lion, and it seems to me the biggest enhancement is the unification that’s been done to make it feel like IOS. So it now supports a range of multi gestures, including some really nice motions to activate LaunchPad, (you can make Lion now look & feel & work like any IOS Device) alongside Mission Control which works really well & intergrates into Spaces nicely. There was the usual fluff with features such as auto-saving & version control of documents, which isnt worth a keynote but still, & overall Lion is a massive enhancement and only $29 bucks, is undeniably awesome as awesome gets.

Get the video


After that, Steve moved onto IOS5, and I have to say, there’s a good amount of enhancements which excite me. Everything from the new Lockscreen with more information such as notifications & tickers, the amazing drag down notification stream and a better UX for notifications overall, will make using IOS a much more streamlined experience.

Take a pic

The camera now supports gridlines, volume button to activate the shutter, and a lock screen quick-access to the camera, which is really neat & I’m happy it doesnt look to ruin security too much by bypassing the handset lock.

From an enterprise perspective, its nice to see S/MIME support, but I’d of hoped for more features such as legacy Exchange support, and a wider range of certificate & security enhancements but still.

THE BIGGEST feature is PC Free, which basically allows the activation & configuration of your IOS device without a computer. Software updates are now down over the air (OTA) along with Delta updates ensuring only the changes are downloaded.

I am worried about how this will work, with a PC connection, the software (albeit slowly) was downloaded, and verified before upload. Whereby now, if its rogue, or there’s an issue with download, surely there’s a greater chance of bricking your device still then requiring a connection to a PC to fix anyways!?


Finally though, and the one which bothers a lot of existing services out there, is the impressive iCloud. Basically, Apple are giving you 5GB of storage, and allowing your handset to automatically dump its contents to the cloud, and then sync it with all your other Apple devices.

If this works as seamlessly as the demo, & the constant uploading & downloading doesn’t kill both the CPU resource & battery life, then this is great. No more need for Drop box or anything of similar ilk, its a great way to keep your devices in Sync. Having said that, its also a sneaky way for Apple to get you to give them all your content (as if they didn’t have it already!)

Safari got a few enhancements too including Reader & Reading List (which will kill Instapaper) & they seem to work really well!

There was some other gumph about Itunes Match which didnt interest me, but seems to be a Spotify botherer of some description, I’m not sure nor do I care.

Overall this was a really aggressive conference from Apple, whilst poking fun at themselves, they’ve released some pretty big industry solutions and iCloud really looks awesome. Lion looks like its everything Windows 8 will be, but they have got there first, & I just can’t wait to get my hands on a new Lion device, and the new iPhone5 (which wasnt mentioned at all!)

Oh, and there new data center looks sick! This is apparently ‘street’ vernacular for ‘rather good’.

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