2011 What A Difference a Week Makes

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2011. Wow! What a year! It’s been about the best of times, & the worst of times. From 100% Goodtimes to pretty bad times, but what a chapter it’s been! That’s most definite.


It’s suggested at the end of each year & during spring, people typically take stock of where they ‘are’ in life. They assess ambition, moving forward, & how far along that journey they’ve typically gone.


That’s what I’m doing now.


You know, ticking off items in a bucket list if you like.


This year I felt I made tremendous progress in my career but at the expense of other areas of my life, including my recent #NHSExperience which to be frank, knocked me for six.


The back end of this year whilst I’d originally planned an indulgent ‘get a way from it all’ holiday a number of rather strange, some sad but also some amazing events happened which not only caused me to spend Christmas with my family and friends solely, but for the first time ever to value those people which matter the most. It’s people that make life, not 50″ plasma TVs, bottles of Belvedere & canapé.


So, amongst some of the sadder parts of Christmas which I won’t dwell on here, a number of exciting & amazing things also have happened which has realigned how I think about certain things.


I guess my relationship with London had been like a tempting mistress. I Always wanted the theatre and drama of working ‘ in the city’ but three years of hard graft felt like its left me treading water whilst those whom I’d once incorrectly judged as lesser, have fuller and richer life’s with out anyway near the stress i appear to have considering the effort I’ve put in, to seemingly achieve very little.


Perhaps I’m being hard on myself. Perhaps it’s the chemical cocktail of adrenaline, dopamine, and Oxytocin coursing through me brought on by Christmas emotion, I don’t know . . .


It’s the people which are key to being rich I think. Not life’s trinkets. I’ve alway’s known this, it’s just now, it’s hit me!

What I do however cherish is the great friendships and close bonds I’ve forged in London, some of my closest friends I simply wouldn’t of met if I’d not moved there. I’m thankful for that. Some of these people have absolutley helped shape me as a person! For sure!


On the reverse, I’ve also met some pretty dreadful people too, whom make it easier to see whats really important because they are just that, dreadful. Some people ‘give’ in life, they light up rooms when they smile, things happen you know!? whilst others just suck the living joy out of everything. These people are knowingly causing sadness and misery to those around them.

( the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, decide if your one of life’s givers, or a sucker, or perhaps a leech. If your not sure, your definitely the latter two and I sympathise with that, but I can’t spend my time on you, I’m sorry I just can’t)


I guess what Im trying to say was I came to London to make myself rich, I just never knew I already was.


It’s…been…as they say in Essex, ‘like totes emosh’!!! ;-)


Make 2012 count everyone, have a good one. X 

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