Harvey Nash CIO 2011 Survey – The Big Debate

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I was delighted to be involved in the Harvey Nash CIO event at the Mayfair hotel earlier this week. Not only did many top level delegates attend, (the numbers attending were great by the way), but there were a lot of very inspirational people there overall.


One of the biggest subjects discussed, was innovation, and whether innovation should actually be ‘controlled’. I think amongst others indeed, innovation for innovating’s sake can sometimes be a killer, and understanding the business mission, what the business wants to achieve, and aligning the innovation to help achieve that goal, is terribly important.


Other subjects discussed were digital media, whether companies understand it and how the realtime information flow between B2B and B2C is a good thing. I personally feel its a revelation, and communicating to your clients & customers through realtime media such as Twitter & Facebook is great, although Francesco from Play.com also reminded us a lot of how people can still abuse the way they use the internet, along with Dominic Collins from Orange Digital reminding us people are still naeive in understanding what you do on the Internet is indellible, even if you do delete those scary Facebook pictures before you apply for your next IT role.


CIO salary was a big on debate, and actually despite hard times economically, businesses understand the need to pay their CIO’s well. Salary has actually risen in a lot in the various fields Im involved with for a lot of my peers, which is a good thing!


The biggest and most interesting discussion was how the change in the way IT is perceived has occured, and shifted heavily to the favour of the CIO, and hopefully long gone are the days where a CIO would report straight into the CFO, FD or someone other than the CEO.


How can you innovate and help lead a company if IT doesnt have a place on the board? What message does it give where the business CEO has the IT teams and CIO’s in paticular, reporting into the FD or CFO? Sureley thats a message that says ‘I dont want anything to do with the IT’.


If the business you work for, and if your a CIO or senior IT professional and you report to the CFO or FD – you may want to start thinking about polishing up your CV!!


I hope¬†overall, the improvement in the way IT is perceived continues, and as we embrace the world which becomes even more digital than we could of ever thought¬† ten years ago, us CIO’ s help to build the framework for businesses to thrive and deliver services and products, efficiently and with passion & innovation.

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