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It’s been a hectic week in technology. Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo! left this week, leaving pundits asking whether this is the beginning of the end for the Internet giant. Apple jump into education with self-publishing iBook’s & even starts to consider getting all social with us. Let’s not even speak again of PIPA & SOPA, the two imminent US passed bill’s which could re-arrange the landscape of the Internet forever! Until we killed them.  Oh, and I pass 600 followers on Twitter - whoop! (@mariodc)

There’s more happening in my life too, it would appear (some have said) that I could be on the verge of being very happy, I approach this with all the caution of a hunter approaching a grizzly bear, armed only with a pea-shooter however. I’ve got a couple of really big announcements which will come soon, & a couple of very big conversations I need to have with people, the front end of 2012 has been already eventful. It’s probably fair to thank @julianbdavis for late night discussions & advice, you should probably go & check him out on Twitter, as he’s one of the good ones!



I’ve been busy working on virtualisation over the last few weeks, and re-iterating websites for a bunch of companies. I like being busy, & I love technology, but I still feel fairly unfulfilled with a bunch of the things I’m doing. I do crave mutual peer passion about technology & innovation, and yes I do bang on about it, but never has it been so important to me.


Virtualisation is pretty straight forward by the way, if you pay attention to the details. I notice the biggest issues are Microsoft licensing, so watch for that when planning your migrations. I should knock together a couple of blog posts on this very subject soon.



Recent #NHSExperience has been positive, with my blood pressure coming right down. I run 5k every other day now. That’s right, ‘run’. Who’d of thought it! I even like it, which has surprised me immensely. You can, if you’re interested, check out my routes via the great Runtastic app, here


I’ve been spending time in my hometown of Nottingham more & more & remembering the great social scene I left behind, great place for eats including @thecurrylounge, bars like @houseofcocotang, @fatcatnotts & Pitcher & Piano, along with all my other old favourites like the Living Room, Saint, SaltWater & Brass Monkey. I do miss going out with friends, whom ultimately is who I miss the most. Can’t wait to be back next weekend.

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