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So for the last few days I’ve heard (as you will have too!) news that the Government are planning on a fully invasive & non-opt out policy for monitoring EVERY UK person’s Internet traffic, from e-mails sent, web pages looked at, images/videos/articles downloaded etc, all to store on file. You know, just in case you were a Terrorist.



Now for the Technical amongst us, we know this not to be a new thing, because despite what most users think, nothing you do online is ever private & ever has been, but ignorance is bliss, and most people continue to use the Internet in the belief its private. I remember watching someones jaw hit the floor when I showed them how I could access their PC using TeamViewer, they literally fell of their chair. If only they knew what more us IT folk could do. Anyway, I digress,

There has been “a lot of scaremongering” about plans for new email and web monitoring laws, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said. He said they were “not the draconian proposals they have been portrayed as”, and safeguards
for privacy and civil liberties were “absolutely guaranteed”.

Which I think is personally a load of horse muck! I for one, couldnt give a sniff if Mr Cameron and his incapable chums want to wade into my online life, (Twitter hashtag @TellDaveEverything) but its the moral
principle and where does the government actually stop!?

After a few months of data capture, what I have concerns about is not trapping terrorists, but how the information (which will be undoubtledly be very useful and insightful) will ultimatley be used. Sold maybe to help fill the government coffers?

In the name of balance however, and speaking from the Governments side, we submit most of this information publically on a daily basis just by Tweeting & using Facebook, so this is only putting an official frame around what we do. Let’s
face it, we do like to be all anti-establishment here in the UK, even if most of us don’t know what we’re talking about!

Proportionate Issues

It would also reportedly allow intelligence officers to access emails, calls and texts as they happen, without a warrant, rather than retrospectively.Mr Clegg told the BBC people should wait to see the full proposals before judging them – and insisted the content of any communications would still only be accessible with a warrant. Well, that’a s good job then. As an IT Pro, I sometimes find myself with highly questionable material on maybe a portable drive, or a network share. Be it cracked software, the contents of someone elses PC which I’ve been asked to audit, and has let’s say ‘riske’ material.

So how will the goverment differentiate me, from a terrorist, Paedophile or other low life!? How do I know my Civil Liberties wont be compromised. Civil Liberties, pssht. I already sit next to someone whom thinks his phones being tapped, wait until he get’s a load of this sh*t!

Ed Milliband (the political cyborg sent from the past) spectaculary mishandles the communication of this manifesto which you can amuse yourselves with below, and if your interested in commenting on this very interesting subject, which is due to make it into the Queens speech in May, then follow me on Twitter @mariodc and dont forget to #TellDaveEverything. 

Excerpts from this were taken from the BBC News site here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17595209 All information & work published is unless otherwise stated my own, my beliefs & opinion & not that of any of the companies I am associated with (C) 2012 Mario De’Cristofano

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